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Clock Repairs, Restoration and Service

Whether the clock be a modern battery operated piece or a 17th Century masterpiece, all timepieces are important to their owners and are treated with respect.

We offer Expert Clock repair and restoration of Wall, Cuckoo, Mantle, Antique and Modern Grandfather clocks, including Howard Miller, Seth Thomas, Sligh, Ridgeway, Herschede, English and Scottish Grandfather clocks.

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Clock Repair

Clock Restoration

Expert Clock Repair and Restoration

Miller Sales

Clock Sales

Authorized Howard Miller dealer

How we overhaul your clock. We do the following steps to restore your clock to excellent operating condition. The movement is taken apart and cleaned, examined for wear and damage, and checked for correct operation. The necessary repair work is carried out including repairing the pinions, polishing the pivots, bushing worn pivot holes, checking and repairing the mainspring ratchets, testing and correcting wheel meshing, and checking the mainsprings. The parts are cleaned again, the pivot holes cleaned with pegwood, the pivots given final cleaning, and the movement is assembled and lubricated. Then the movement is tested with minimum power.

As dust gets in the mechanism, the oil becomes an abrasive paste, which causes wear. The longer the clock runs in this condition, the more repair it will need. Many American clocks have very strong mainsprings which will run the clock for many years after the oil has gone bad, causing severe wear to pivots and pivot holes.

Shortcuts are bad. If your clock stops and you spray it with oil to make it go again, the movement will wear badly, because dust will stick to the oil, forming an abrasive paste which cuts through brass and steel parts.

Your clock's movement is a mechanical device which requires a service schedule to keep it running. You may relate the workings to your car's engine. As with your car's engine, your clock's parts are metal on metal. The main determining factor in how many years the parts last is how clean you keep the oil that is lubricating the movement. As time goes by, oil starts to break down, dry out and become more and more gritty. Finally the oil gets to a point where it is acting more like an abrasive then a lubricant. We recommend an in-house cleaning every two years for grandfather clocks. With a thorough overhaul every ten years. With the proper service a well made clock movement should last many lifetimes passing down from generation to generation.

How To Regulate Your Clock For Accurate Timekeeping:
The faster the pendulum swings, the faster the minute hand will turn. A basic principle of physics is that the length of a pendulum determines how fast it swings. A short pendulum swings faster than a long pendulum. You can remember this principle with the phrase A SHORT DOG'S TAIL WAGS FASTER

You can change the effective length of the pendulum by raising or lowering the pendulum bob on the pendulum stick. If you push the bob up, the clock will run faster. Lower it and the clock will run slower. If you turn the nut clockwise you will be raising the bob. If your clock runs too fast or slow, the best way to correct this problem is to set your clock to an accurate watch or clock.

After 24 hours, record how many minutes your clock is running too fast or slow. Then adjust the bob up or down the pendulum stick to change the pendulums effective length. You'll need to take an educated guess as to the distance. Reset the clock minute hand time to your watch or clock again. Repeat this process every 24 hours, recording the results, and readjusting the bob until you are within 3 minutes of the correct time.

Then, switch from recording every day to recording every week. Use the same process described, recording the time difference, adjusting the bob up or down every week, until the clock is accurate within approximately 3 minutes per week. Remember, mechanical clocks are not as accurate as quartz or electric clocks! A three-minute error per week is not bad. Maybe you can do better.
How to adjust timekeeping

Our 12-Point Clock Repair Overhaul Program and/or Restoration
We use traditional materials and techniques to perform an age appropriate repair.
When you clock is overhauled by Time Pieces, we use the following 12-Point program:

  • Remove the movement from the case.
  • Inspect the clock for ware and problems.
  • Document the condition of your clock.
  • Fully disassemble the movement.
  • Ultrasonic clean your clock in specialized clock cleaning solution.
  • Dress and polish all pivots.
  • Perform any repairs and re-bushings.
  • Test all gear trains individually.
  • Assemble, oil and adjust your clock.
  • Run for 24 hours in test stand monitoring with timing device and computer.
  • Run for one week when fully assembled.
  • After an overhaul your clock is guaranteed for one year.
  • Final review of all work.
  • -----
  • FULL RESTORATION: Call for clock restoration details and costs

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Zsolt Szalacsi

Master Clock Maker

Whether the clock be a modern battery operated piece or a 17th Century masterpiece, all timepieces are important to their owners and are treated with respect.

Timepieces is a company based on the pride of a job well done. Whether the clock is a modern battery operated piece or a 17th Century masterpiece, all timepieces are important to their owners and are treated with respect.

Smaller clocks can be dropped off at our Hazlet NJ drop-off location, located inside Gold Buying Services of NJ, 3135 Highway NJ-35 North, Hazlet, NJ 07730. Drop-off hours Mon-Fri 10AM to 5PM, Sat 10AM to 4PM. Please call 732-203-1959 to confirm drop-off location is open, or call (732) 888-3800 to make an appointment. Service calls are provided for larger wall clocks and grandfather clocks.

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Adjustments for most modern clocks

    To adjust speed:
  • The position of the disk (bob) on the pendulum determines the rate of speed of your clock.
  • To speed the clock up - move the bob up.
  • To slow the clock down - move the bob down.
  • On almost all modern pendulums, one complete turn (360 degrees) of the nut below the bob will change the speed of the clock by 30 seconds in a 24 hour period.
    To adjust moon dial:
  • The moon dial advances one click per day (two for Hershede).
  • Find a calendar or local newspaper (usually on the weather page) with the phases of the moon listed for the month.
  • Find the closest Full or New moon.
  • Set the moon dial to correspond to the most recent of the two. For a full moon, center the moon on the dial under the 15. For a new moon, adjust so no moon is visible . Now advance the moon dial one click for each day that has passed since.

Zsolt Szalacsi - Master Clock Maker

My grandfather, a Hungarian, arrived in Germany ten years after the end of World War II. In the small town of Oberammergau (where the passion Play is presented) he found work in a large fifteen room Inn belonging to the Buchweiser family. The Inn's foyer was flanked on both sides with a gift shop full of clocks of al1 shapes and sizes. In his spare time he learned clock repair. This was the beginning of a career in clock repair that would he handed down through generations. Over the years his children have continued in his footsteps.

My father is now retired and living in York, Pennsylvania. He remains a great source of knowledge in the clock industry.


Grandfather Clocks by Howard Miller

Celebrate any occasion with a gift that is truly timeless. Choose a floor clock from Howard Miller, now at an equally charming price.
Bring a gift of joy to your family and future generations. Meticulously crafted to the highest standards, a fine grandfather clock is destined to become a family heirloom.

Authorized Howard Miller Dealer

We are an Authorized Howard Miller dealer


At Howard Miller, they have a 79 year tradition of excellence in crafting the finest floor clocks, wall and mantel clocks, table clocks and collectors cabinets. We invite you to inspect the superb quality of the craftsmanship - with your eyes, with your ears, and with your hands.

Howard Miller clocks and cabinets are built to be enjoyed not only by you, but also by your children, and your grandchildren.

Please use this website to learn about Howard Miller products, and feel the Howard Miller difference.

Bring a gift of joy to your family and future generations. Meticulously crafted to the highest standards, a fine grandfather clock is destined to become a family heirloom.

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